BlueStar network

Our partners for delivering high quality contraception and safe abortion services on our behalf


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Our private sector provider network

Marie Stopes Ghana created the BlueStar Network social franchise to engage otherwise fragmented private providers to deliver high quality sexual reproductive health services.

We currently partner with over 150 clinics and maternity homes to deliver voluntary family planning and some basic health care services, such as malaria and treatment for childhood illnesses.

The BlueStar Network

Our BlueStar Network consists of clinics, midwives and pharmacies across Ghana.

We provide our expertise with ongoing training in a range of sexual and reproductive health services, infection prevention, counselling and, most importantly, teach how to put clients’ needs first.

After each of our BlueStar franchisees have completed training and meet our quality standards they are able to deliver services on our behalf. We take responsibility for the quality of the services they provide, by assessing and assuring they meet our required standards, and also working with them to provide training and support.